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    Oasis steel frame modular storage systems

Novus Zoning System Collection

Multi-functional Zoning System for Office Storage & Separation.

Novus is a multi-functional zoning system inspired by the ever-changing modern workplace. Sleek, clean lines and robust steel construction, enhanced with wooden elements help you create a unique office zone within your space. Create a modern, stylish office shelving unit up to 5 shelves high, then add cabinets, planters, and acoustic panels to meet your specific storage needs. Corner units, counters, and bridges allow you to customise further to go beyond normal office storage units setups and create truly collaborative spaces. Use office zoning to create a productive workspace within your modern office and with a variety of layout and storage options.

NEW: Novus A-Zone Work Zones. Learn More

Find out more about how our Novus Zoning System Range of modern office shelving and storage units can give your work space a homey and private feel while remaining contemporary and stylish, by getting contact today for a quote.

Novus Single Width Cubes
Interior Dimensions: 15.25”w x 15.25”d x 15.25”h
Novus Double Width Cubes
Interior Dimensions: 30.5”w x 15.25”d x 15.25”h

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