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    Oasis Mothers Room

Mothers Room

Lactation Room Solution for the Workplace.

If your company has 50+ employees, you are required by the 2010 Affordable Care Act “Break Time for Nursing Mothers Provision” to provide a space for employees to express milk. Oasis Linear Team Pods can double as nursing pods to provide a comfortable and private space for new moms without the trouble of building a new room or re-purposing a space already in use.

The Linear Team Pod (Large), at 7’ square, is an ideal nursing lounge, with ample space for everything mom needs. The unit can be equipped with a locking door, block-out graphics for the glass front of the pod, and a Mother’s Oasis millwork package that includes:

  • Cabinet allowing space for an under counter mini fridge
  • Storage cabinet for necessary lactation lounge supplies
  • Trash receptacle with liner
  • Open space for a chair
  • Power/usb charging unit
  • Wall peg for hanging jacket or bag

Mother's Oasis
Exterior Dimensions: 84”w x 84”d x 89”h
Interior Dimension: 79”w x 79”d x 83”h

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