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    Finding privacy in the modern office.

Soft Social Coworking Booth

Finding privacy in the modern office.

The Oasis Soft Office Social Booth is a versatile, open-front office booth, available in three distinctive roof styles: straight, radius, or pitched.

This semi-private working space is perfect for impromptu meetings or as a group or individual workspace with an optional rear wall for additional privacy. Our office booths are a great option for open plan work environments in need of more diversified workspaces.

If you are struggling to find privacy in the modern office, this may be the solution to all of your problems, offering a quiet workspace, as well as being the ideal coworking social booth!

If you require further information on our line of Soft Office Social Booth solutions, please feel free to get in contact with us, we’d love to help.

ETL Listed; conforms to UL STD 962

Soft Office Social Booth
Exterior Dimensions: 78"w x 48"d x 86"h
Interior Dimension: 67"w x 48"d x 78"h

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