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Industry research has indicated that the most progressive employers are planning one privacy enclosure per 20 employees who work in open plan office spaces.

Really, really good, thanks for asking. Our fully enclosed office pods (enclosed ceiling + glass door) reduce noise from outside the pod by -31 to -33dB.

Oasis Berco booths, hubs, and pods are “plug and play.” Every electrical component, from the integrated light and air circulation fan to any power/usb/HDMI modules you add to your unit, connects through a central electrical unit which then plugs into your standard wall outlet through a single cord.

The length of the cord outside the acoustic booth, pod, or hub varies based on the dimensions of the unit, but you can count on at least 6’ of cord from the exterior of the unit to your wall outlet.

That’s an easy one. All Oasis Berco Phone Booths, Privacy Pods, and Hubs can be plugged into your standard 120v outlet; no special power required.

Let’s start by saying we will do everything we can to get you into your dream pod, booth, or hub. Some things are really easy to customize, like the powder coat color and laminate surfaces. Some things, like fabric selection, are possible to customize (see information on COM and Specialty Fabrics here), but we’ll need to talk about it because there are some restrictions or considerations. And then there are things like changing the dimensions of the unit that, because of the engineering involved and the need for specialized components, would require that you order a few units. Whatever you do, don’t hesitate to ask for whatever you want; we’ll do our best to meet your needs!

Very, very carefully. All Oasis Berco office pods and booths ship knocked down in a custom crate to prevent them from being damaged. The crates and individual pieces will fit through standard doors and into most elevators. If you have questions regarding the dimensions of the crate relative to your space, contact Customer Service at 888-772-4788 or email sales@oasis-berco.com and we’ll be happy to break it down for you.

Oasis Berco pods and booths have a 5 year conditional warranty. You can see all of the details in our Pricing & Specifications Guide on pages 41-42.

Yes, ALL 16 Oasis Berco units comply to UL STD 962 and CSA STD C22.2 #9.0 as certified by Intertek/ETL, a Nationally Recognized Testing Laboratory. When researching office pods and booths, it is important to distinguish between units that have “UL listed parts” and those for which the unit as a whole is listed (as is the case for all Oasis Berco units). You can read more about our compliance with UL standards here.

We actually put a LOT of thought into sustainability when we designed the products and also when we wrote this awesome page in our Pricing & Specifications Guide to tell you all about it.

That depends on the jurisdiction into which the pod or booth is being placed. The Oasis Berco Linear Phone Booth (45” x 45”) and Soft Phone Booth (38” x 38”) have been designed to fall under the square footage requiring a sprinkler in most municipalities, but you will want to check with your local authorities and codes. All Oasis units with enclosed ceilings have a sprinkler knock out for ease of dropping in a sprinkler head if needed. In addition, in larger pods, a louvred ceiling is an option. The Oasis louvred ceiling is 88% open, which exceeds the minimum requirement of 70% open area for fire/sprinkler regulations.

The light intensity and fan direction and speed are set up during the install process; there is currently no mechanism for the pod or booth user to adjust the lighting or the fan in the unit. Since most of our commercial spaces in the US are air conditioned, in the vast majority of cases you will want to set the fan to blow air that cooler air conditioned air into the unit. But if your space does not have a/c, then you’ll just flip the fan over and it will pull the warmer air out of the unit.

Yes, we currently offer the option for a locking door on our Oasis Linear Duo and Team Pods. You can see the details on page 9 of our Pricing & Specifications Guide.

Absolutely. We currently offer double sided acid etched (frosted) glass as an option on our Linear Phone Booth, Duo and Team Pods. You can learn more about this option (including pricing) on page 9 of our Pricing & Specification Guide. We can also provide a custom quote for frosted glass on any of our other units, or if you have a specific requirement for frosting glass that is outside of our standard option. For custom quotes, contact Oasis Berco Customer Service at 888-772-4788.

Yes, COM and specialty fabrics are possible on Oasis Berco units with some qualifications. You can read some of the requirements on page 32 of our Pricing & Specification Guide, or call Oasis Berco Customer Service at 888-772-4788 to talk to a representative and get a quote.

Yes, our Linear Pods have become quite popular as privacy enclosures for nursing mothers! We recommend the Linear Team Pod (Small) as a starting point, with a locking door and vinyl “block out” out stock decals in the design of your choice. You can see more details (including pricing) on these privacy options on page 9 of our Pricing & Specification Guide.

Wood is the primary component in Oasis Berco privacy pods. Depending on the unit you select, materials may also include glass, laminate panels, acoustic foam, fabric, aluminum (Linear), and acoustic fleece (ceilings).

Because Oasis Berco modern office furniture products are manufactured in the US, we are able to offer lead times that are meaningfully shorter than the majority of our competitors. Our lead time for standard product (without customization) is 6 weeks from date of order acknowledgement. If your pod or booth requires a custom finish or other option, we will let you know at the time of quotation what you can expect. Our manufacturing facility is centrally located in St. Louis, MO, so we are at most a 3-day ship point from any place in the continental US, and a 1-day ship point to many destinations.

All Oasis Berco modern office furniture products are manufactured in St. Louis, MO (home of the Stanley Cup Champion St. Louis Blues, LGB, Play Gloria, but I digress).

Oasis Berco ships to locations in the US, Canada, and Mexico. However, our partner, Frem Group, based in the UK, ships virtually identical products in the UK, throughout Europe, and the Middle East, and you can reach them through their website www.frem.co.uk or at info@frem.co.uk.

Installation times vary based on the unit and the experience of the installer, but we’ve put together this handy Installation Times Cheat Sheet to get you started with your planning and budgeting for your project.

We sure do, and they’re the best. You can find all the details for the Oasis Berco sales rep in your area on our Find a Rep map.

Yes, we sell through most traditional contract furniture dealers. If you’d like to learn more about which dealers in your area have samples of Oasis Berco product on their floor or have experience with installation, your best bet is to contact the sales rep in your area using our Find a Rep map.

Oasis Berco has a total of 4 units that are ADA accessible, meaning that they meet the requirements for threshold height, door opening width, and wheelchair turning radius. If you are interested in ADA compliant units, take a look at the Linear Team Pod (Large), the Linear Team Booth, the Soft Team Booth (Large), and the Soft Team Pod (Large). Work with your designer/architect and our customer service team to select appropriate furniture for your unit to maintain accessibility. Smaller units are not ADA accessible due to the requirement for wheelchair turning radius but, unlike most of our competitors, our units sit on your existing floor with a 1/2” threshold, so they are much more friendly to people with mobility challenges (cane, walker, temporary cast or boot, or gait issues of any kind) than competing units that often have a 4” lip to step over to get into the unit.

The Oasis Linear line, which consists of an enclosed Phone Booth, Duo Pod, and two sizes of Team Meeting Pods along with an open-front Team Booth, is designed with straight and bold edges, an aluminum frame, and laminate exterior panels (although you are welcome to swap out for fabric exterior if you’d like). It has a rectilinear appearance that fits in well with office systems and traditional modern office furniture. The Oasis Soft line, which includes a Phone Booth, low level Hubs, fully enclosed meeting Pods in a variety of sizes, and open front acoustic Booths, is unique in that the products are upholstered on both the interior and exterior to give a softer, homier feel.


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