When Privacy Is The Priority

Make your Office More Private with Acoustic Office Pods

If you’re considering acoustic pods or booths for your open-plan office, you’ll want to carefully consider what level and type of privacy will be needed for their various uses.

Office pods are used for everything from focused “heads down” work by a single person to meeting spaces for as many as 6 people. In most instances, a standard pod with acoustic and glass walls and doors will provide the level of privacy needed to keep work or meetings quiet and private enough to be productive.

That said, there are situations in which users of office privacy booths will require a higher level of privacy, specifically visual privacy. A user might be:

  • Working with sensitive or confidential information which should not be seen by others
  • Having a personnel discussion in which body language or other responses would be best not seen by those outside the pod
  • Doing work that requires intense concentration, which could be interrupted by a steady flow of people walking by a glass wall
  • A nursing mother using the pod as a mother’s room

3 Ways to Make Your Meeting Pod More Private

Ask potential pod vendors whether they can supply: 

  • Etched (frosted) glass. Glass can be etched in a variety of ways to provide any level of privacy required. Frosting glass with a design at eye level can provide a nice aesthetic element for the pod and eliminate most visual distractions. For more privacy, the entire glass wall/door can be etched on one or both sides. Etched glass is maintenance-friendly, diffuses light, reduces glare, and minimizes reflection, but it’s important to remember it is not a total privacy solution, as you will still be able to see figures and colors inside the booth.
  • Vinyl decals in “block out” stock. For more complete privacy, cover your glass wall/door with one of several types of vinyl decals. Consider stock that completely blocks vision from both the inside and outside, and perforated stock that allows the person inside the pod to see out, but does not allow those outside the pod to see in.
  • A locking door. The ability to lock the door is critical for nursing mothers, but may be important in other applications as well.
Mothers Room Privacy Pod
Privacy Lock for Office Pod

Your unique application will determine the best option(s) for increasing privacy in your privacy booths. When choosing the right manufacturer for your office privacy solution, be sure to consider not only acoustic privacy, but visual privacy as well.

For more information about Oasis Berco’s range of private office pods, phone booths and meeting pods, please get in touch with a member of the team today.

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