Confidential Coworking in a Private Working Space

5 Ways to Improve Privacy in Coworking Spaces

No question about it, coworking spaces have many benefits. Coworking creates a balance between structure and flexibility, increasing productivity, networking, and feelings of community – and for many solopreneurs and startups, they provide a level of flexibility and cost efficiency that makes them a better choice than a traditional office lease.

But the “co” in coworking can lead to decreases in privacy. A busy space can be not only noisy but might even bring with it security risks. Whether you’re thinking about moving to a coworking model, or have been working this way for years, follow these 5 pro tips for creating a private working space.

  1. Keep an eye on your computer. Always lock your computer, even if you’re only stepping away for a quick trip to the espresso machine. You might also consider a privacy screen to block your fellow co-worker’s view of your work.
  2. Watch out when using WiFi. Many coworking environments use open WiFi networks; be sure to take appropriate precautions. In addition, take a minute to review your coworking agreement; some allow administrators to monitor traffic on their network. 
  3. Keep private conversations private. Always use an acoustic phone booth or meeting pod for phone calls or client meetings. Like corporations, most coworking companies offer a range of office pods and booths as a solution for the lack of office privacy, so take advantage of them when making your private working space. Test the various work booths in the space to identify the one that will provide you with an environment free from distractions and ensure speech privacy. Believe it or not, the “quietest” pods are often found in the office’s busiest area. The decibel level outside the phone booth actually helps to keep your conversations inside more private.
  4. Handle hard copies with care. Don’t leave hard copies out on table tops or work surfaces.
  5. Take precautions when printing. Using shared printers and copiers can expose you to additional security risks. When you push “print,” head straight to the printer to pick up your documents to ensure no one takes or makes copies of your docs. When making copies, grab your original from the printer glass or tray before returning to your workstation.

Oasis Berco has provided office phone booths for numerous US coworking companies to help them provide the appropriate balance of collaborative and private spaces. Whether you own, operate, or use a coworking space, we’d love to talk to you about our privacy pod solutions. View our selection of coworking office pods and phone booths today.

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