5 Keys to Great Video Conferences

How many virtual meetings are you hosting or attending per week these days? Will this continue when you return to work? If so, you may require a solution for peace and quiet in the modern office, that’s where a conference space comes in handy. (read more)

Should Your Office Phone Booth be UL Listed?

In this article, we’ll delve into a subject the consumer rarely considers, the safety certification process. When dealing with lighting or other electrical components in your office call pods, it’s essential to be sure the product has been third-party tested for compliance with published industry standards for consumer safety. (read more)

Office Privacy for New Moms

When Privacy Pods Become Lactation Stations

No one understands or appreciates this need for privacy more than the new mom returning to the workplace. They know the health benefits of breastfeeding for their new baby, yet most feel compelled to return to work within twelve weeks of giving birth (read more).

When Privacy is the Priority

3 Ways to Increase Privacy in Your Office Pod

If you’re considering acoustic pods or booths for your open plan office, you’ll want to carefully consider what level and type of privacy will be needed for their various uses.

Office pods are used for everything from focused “heads down” work by a single person to meeting spaces for as many as 6 people. (read more)

What’s in Your Pod?

5 Questions To Ask Before You Buy

One of the big reasons acoustic phone booths, meeting pods, and hubs have become more common in the workplace and other public spaces is our growing focus on wellness. As we realize that employees require a balance between collaborative and private time during the day for optimum mental health, (read more)

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